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The misunderstanding of skin hydration that you must understand!
We often hear complaints from friends:
Oops, the skin is getting drier and I don’t know what to do?
My skin is hydrated every day, why is there no effect?
Why is the skin still dry even I use moisturizing cream every day?
The mask was changed every day, but I did not see any effects on the skin!

Why is this happening? Because you fall into the misunderstanding of skin hydration!
Misunderstanding 1 : Hydration is Moisturization.
Hydration and Moisturization are not the same concept. Hydration is to increase the water content of stratum corneum cells and directly supplement the water needed by the stratum corneum of the skin, thereby improving the microcirculation of skin cells and making the skin hydrated.
While moisturization is to lock the skin's moisture and prevent the loss of skin moisture, it cannot fundamentally solve the problem of skin dehydration. Therefore, moisturization is not enough to treat dry and dehydrated skin. What we need to do is to hydrate first and then moisturize.
Many women only use one of lotion or cream, but they don't realize that both are indispensable. The main function of lotion is to replenish water, and the cream is to moisturize. Many people think that the skin is dehydrated when the skin is dry, desquamated, and tight, so they replenish moisturization forcefully every day, and even apply facial masks every day. In fact, the skin has such a condition because the skin barrier is damaged, and the skin's natural moisturizing ingredients are lost, which leads to the rapid loss of moisture. At this time, as long as proper hydration is used, and some oil-containing, repairing products are used to repair and moisturize, the skin dehydration problem can be quickly solved.
Misunderstanding 2 : Oily skin does not need to be hydrated.
Some people think that oily skin does not need to be hydrated. In fact, it is not the case. A large amount of oil is produced on the facial skin. A large part of the reason is that the skin has not reached a perfect water-oil balance. Oily skin lacks water, and it tends to secrete oil continuously to "lock in water". If the oil secretion is too strong, the loss of water is quite serious, and it needs to be hydrated. Oily skin is also dehydrated, so we insist on regularly moisturizing the skin deeply and efficiently, so that the cells can "drink enough" moisture to achieve a perfect water-oil balance.
Misunderstanding 3 : Apply the mask every day to its dryness.
Facial mask can quickly replenish skin moisture, which can be said to be a "good weapon" for hydrating. It can meet the nutritional requirements that basic skin care products cannot provide, and stimulate the maximum vitality of the skin in a short time. However, the more you use the mask does not mean it’s better for the skin. Applying the mask every day will burden the skin, which will easily make the skin sensitive and fragile. The masking time is usually about 20 minutes. Don't be greedy to think that the essence on the mask is not yet dry and want to absorb it for a while. If the application time is too long, the skin will not only be unable to absorb the nutrients from the mask, but will make the dried up mask "reversely" re-absorb the original moisture of the skin and make the skin dry again.
Misunderstanding 4 : No need to replenish water in summer.
The skin is often oily in summer, and many people think that they do not need to be hydrated in summer, or just choose some sprays for basic care. In fact, this is far from enough, because as the age grows, the skin will begin to age and the water-locking function will gradually weaken, so not only in winter, but also in summer, hydrating and moisturizing are both very important.
Misunderstanding 5 : Drinking more water can moisturize the skin.
The thought of drinking water to moisturize the skin is absolutely indispensable. Moisturizing the body is not equal to hydrating the skin, so drinking more water will not solve the problem of skin dehydration. Only by replenishing the moisture required by the cells can the skin be truly hydrated. Of course, the amount of eight glasses of water a day cannot be less.
Misunderstanding 6 : Moisturizing spray can achieve hydrating effect.
The moisturizing spray can quickly replenish moisture when the skin is dehydrated, and alleviate the skin's dehydration condition, but the moisture replenishment for the skin is only temporary. To achieve hydrating effect, use moisturizing lotion creams and other products in time after moisturizing spray to lock in moisture.

Misunderstanding 7 : No need to replenish water in the morning.
Many people think that evening is the best time to replenish water. In the morning, you don’t need to replenish water, or they rush to go to work in the morning and neglect the replenishment work. From 12am in the evening to 2am in the morning is the most vigorous period of skin metabolism. Usually, the skin evaporates water. In this way, the skin will be in a state of physiological dehydration after getting up in the morning, so hydrating in the morning is the most effective.

Don't wait until the skin is very dry and uncomfortable before thinking about moisturizing, this kind of thing should be prevented before it happens.
So, how to properly hydrate and moisturize?
Step 1 : Clean the facial skin.
It is best to wash your face with warm water every morning after getting up, because after a sleep, a cortical protective layer will form on the surface of our skin. Using too hot or too cold water will damage this protective layer, so we need to use warm water in the morning to wash your face.
Step 2 : Use toner within 30 seconds to two minutes after cleansing the face.
Tapping toner can lock and replenish the moisture in the pores, making the skin more hydrated. Such timely hydration also has a good maintenance effect on our skin, so it is best for us to replenish our skin during this period of time, so as to better ensure the moisture content of our skin.
Step 3 : Use essence and cream.
After taking care of the eyes, you can take care of your face. The order of using facial skin care products is facial essence, lotion, and cream. The purpose of using the essence first is to make the face's subsequent absorption capacity stronger, so the essence should be used before lotions and creams, and lotions and creams have the effect of replenishing and locking water. The moisturization of the face is very important, so this is definitely the step that cannot be overlooked.
The above is a complete hydrating skin care step, so that our hydrating effect can be better, the skin can absorb better nutritional value, and our skin condition will be better maintained. Therefore, the care of our face is still very important, and we hope everyone will pay attention to it