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What is Nutri-Cosmetics?

Nutri-Cosmetics is a new term that refers to products that act as nutritional supplements but serve the purpose of improving your skin. It is the combination of "Nutrition" and "Cosmetics". What's more, it crosses over three areas (Nutrition, Cosmetic, Pharmaceutical) that are important and beneficial to the wellbeing of human being.


Why choose Nutri-Cosmetics?

Unlike traditional cosmetic products, Nutri-Cosmetics provide the benefits from natural active ingredients and other nutrients to a deeper level. Traditional cosmetic products such as cream are only targeting on specific part and could cause some side effects from the chemical ingredients inside. Our Beauty Fuel tonics, however, providing benefits to support overall health and appearance of your skin from active ingredients such as Amla Berries, Ascophyllum Seaweed, Pine Bark Tree. Through digestive tract, it nourishes your body and brings out the natural beauty from within. As we get older, our body and skin defences are getting weaker, as does our ability to renew healthy skin cells.

Long words in short: "If you feel great, you will look great."

How to use Nutri-Cosmetics?

The instruction is simple. Take one ampoule per day in the morning and snap both end of glass ampoule by wrapping tissue paper. Pouring into the cup and mixing with water or juices. And you're good to go! Easy and straightforward for oral intake. No matter what kind of Nutri-Cosmetics you are taking, it's always a long-term journey. Just be patient and let the high quality ingredients improve your health and skin.